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All those things that were structured by decree are now losing its power. Humanity is increasingly considering itself as a source of wisdom and humans will express themselves in all their magnificence.

This is the medicine that will be applied in the future, and although not everything that glitters is gold, it is true that it add a very positive factor: this medicine make us aware of the fact that not only those things that we ingest are noxious to our health, but also (and mainly) those things that inhabit our hearts can hurt us.

Moreover, quantum physics has managed to connect scientific theories with hermetic beliefs, especially with Buddhism; hence, it has given reality to spirituality.

We are not saying that without quantum physics philosophy wouldn’t be believable; although, it is true that this science introduces the psychic’s level in a concrete way, thus turning it more approachable to humans’ intellect. To gather knowledge constitutes an important benefit and it offers support to all the fields of medicine, that is evolution.

In order to complete the picture and to make clear what we want to explain, let’s think for a second in karmic DNA, that is actually the main character in this new medicine.

Karmic DNA, the main character in this new medicine

Genetic information is not only a bunch of data about our physical or temperamental inheritance, but it is also a lot of information on our organic, environmental and spiritual trends. Therefore, we must take into account that our karmic DNA “is the genetic path inherited by a family, a group, a specific race or ethnic group, including emotional and social guidelines”.

It is a fact that is not the same facing starvation for a Biafra Young person, than for a North-European or a Tibetan person.  As for the temper, it is the same story. Other example is set when we talk about countries that enjoy warm weather; their people are more passionate and more primary than people from countries with colder weather.

The genetic chain allows us to have access to researches on possible immunological disorders that develop into arthritis, or myopia, or even could tell us whether a person’s liver should be transplanted or not. Although, the essential factor can be found in the emotional characteristics, that act as the triggering fact.

The Triggering Fact

The emotional inheritance can be shown through a person’s nature or temper predisposition, included in the genetic chain. That is how we get to know if a new born has a tendency to aggressiveness, pacifism; whether he/she is more vital or sedentary, or if he/she will feel attracted by alcohol, drugs or meat, or otherwise he/she will have an interest in mystic things. We can recognize depressives, Scientifics, suicidal, teachers, artists, leaders. Terrible, but yet clarifying, isn’t it? But careful, that doesn’t mean that DNA is the obligatory map trough which humans should drive; on the contrary, we should taking it into account as a mere sign of what a person is made of, and what a person could use in order to fulfill his/her job in the world. Whether a disease will develop or not; whether any of the other circumstances will happen or not; it will depend on the way that person choose to face obstacles of life. That is freedom for, right? Nothing is decisive before we make a decision.

Moreover, there is another important characteristic that we should bear in mind. When a new born starts developing habits, the rest of the family members are used to say: he eats like a cow, just as his grandfather does; he has the same anger expression that his uncle had; or he is a sleepyhead just as his cousin. The point is that the new born is recognized as a link in the family chain that is connected to the group, sharing common features and tendencies that we call: group karma. All this is in our DNA.

We know families that have a long tradition of depressive family members. In others, every certain amount of births there is a new born who will suffer an economic crisis or a car crash. There are families in which members are mainly gamblers, or even womanizers. It seems as if we were in the presence of a sequence that shows us a group’s tradition, without it the family is incomplete… There are job’s traditions, illnesses’, artistic gifts, linguistic, sport, altruistic talents or even food tastes.

All these similarities go far beyond physical hereditary conditions, because they mean even more than mere temperament characteristics and behavioral conditions that develop into individual evolution. If we can consider that our artistic aptitudes are part of our inheritance, we can also think of our bad habits as inheritance as well.

According to quantum physics, our brain acts thanks to repetitive guidelines, whether they are genetically inherited, whether they are provoked by us. The more we repeat the habit, the more impact it causes in the genetic set leading to a blockage, an emotional damage that it shows in a particular area.

First, the warning sign that something is creating a shortcut in our body, through discomfort, dissatisfaction, lack of sleep or small physical discomfort. If, instead of paying attention, we insist in having the same behavior, the hole, created by the negative mental attitude will expand and it will gain terrain reaching a point in which the cells will be affected by stress that it’s produced in our own organism by such an important aggression leading our body to sickness. Unfortunately, the only way to give back brightness and fullness to our cells is to return to point one, travelling to the whole path again. This is when quantum physics enters in the picture, through research and investigation, in order to find the main problem that caused the emotional consequence. Quantum physics purifies the individual’s karma, thus regenerating cells thanks to the understanding of mistakes and the changing of attitudes.

If we can accept the fact that illnesses are caused by emotional blockages; If science assures that certain behavioral guidelines led to physical consequences reaching sickness, then we can also understand that karmic consequences are within our own DNA. In order to develop an illness and to mature karma, it is necessary to have some temperamental attitudes that help trigger illnesses. Then is when karma projects itself not only in the individual, but also in the genetic inheritance.

Untie the knot

Now, let’s see it from a different point of view, let’s untie the Gordian knot. Every thought that gave rise to the emotional knot which caused the energy stagnation and the illness, must go back in the same direction and travelling by the same path.

So, if our present or past acts caused present consequences that are printed in our DNA and limit our lives, when we want to heal those attitudes and, consequently, get back our health, we are not only working for our own body (getting rid of karma), but we are evolving our own DNA to benefit our future reincarnations and our family’s. Our heirs will find a stronger and brighter DNA chain, and they will enjoy better life conditions. Isn’t it a beautiful gift to our future generations?

Holistic medicine or quantum medicine considers human’s body as a WHOLE and, consequently, in each cell you can find information of the rest of the body at the emotional, physical or mental level. That is why when we find the origin of the damage, and we heal it, we find the cure for every cell (as a whole) and the illness disappears.

The Healing Vibration

Taking into account everything that we mentioned, it’s easy to understand the terms: vibrational therapy.

Everything emits vibrations, whether visible or not. When the vibration is higher, it is more subtle and intangible. When the vibration is lower, then it is more weighty and material. An organ, for example, gets hurt when the vibration of the hosting body is lower than usual; that makes the energy unable to flow and to feed rightly the blocked area. That is why the energetic stagnation starts leading to a disease.

We have already seen the hermetic principle of vibration, in which the health recovery is accomplished applying a high vibration therapy in which the rhythm makes contact with the damaged organ, consequently increasing the frequency until reaching full recovery. In the same way, if we elevate the stove’s temperature, we will be causing a chain reaction, expanding the temperature to the whole domestic environment, thus, modifying the temperature by “spreading it” to a more adequate temperature. The vibrating medicine acts as the body’s “thermal control”, causing an effect in the more subtle body and also in the more weighty ones. Moreover, it helps to find the balance of the human beings. When we restore the organ’s vibration, the energy gets back its balance and flows correctly. The protocol of vibrational therapies is simple and sublime. We just have to remember that the therapy is a tool that requires from expertise, but it is up to us to decide whether to stay in suffering or to start healing.

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